Firmware upgrade STM32Wifi

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This upgrade procedure currently requires Linux. I'm sure ST has a tool for windows, but I haven't come across it. If you know the procedure under windows, let me know, or expand this page.

tools required

  • A Linux PC.
  • dfu-util installed.
  • Optionally: A config file.

Installing dfu-util

dfu-util is part of the Ubuntu distribution:

apt-get install dfu-util 

should do the job for users of recent ubuntu distributions.

Otherwise, cloning the git repository and compiling that should work:

git clone
cd dfu-util
make install 

(I did this a while ago, this was typed from memory. If you do it, let me know if it works).

performing the upgrade

You need a binary. It's currently called chwifi.bin.

Put the device in DFU firmware upgrade mode: Move the jumper to the position towards the crystal. Then insert the USB cable. The device should enumerate as an STM-DFU device: "Product: STM32 BOOTLOADER".

Then issue:

dfu-util -a 0 -d 0483:df11 -s 0x8000000 -D chwifi.bin

If you want to configure your stm32wifi over a ttl-level serial port, then you're done: move the jumper back and reboot the device (powercycle or hit the reset button).

Otherwise you need to generate a config file:

create the script makeconfigbin:

if [ $# -ne 4 ] ; then
  echo usage $0 ssid password host url
  exit 1
#makechar 255 255 255 255
makeconfigstring 32 "$1"
makeconfigstring 32 "$2"
makeconfigstring 64 "$3"
makeconfigstring 64 "$4"

and makeconfigstring:

#for i in `seq $len` ; do
#  makechar 255 >> $tmp
dd if=/dev/zero bs=$len count=1 | tr '\0' '\377' > $tmp
(echo -n $str ; dd if=/dev/zero bs=1 count=1 ) | dd of=$tmp conv=notrunc
cat $tmp
rm $tmp

Now you can run the makeconfigbin script and provide it with your wifi credentials and the server host and URL:

./makeconfigbin <wifissid> <wifipassword> /esp/logit.php\?  > config.bin

Put in your own wifi ssid and password. Then:

dfu-util -a 0 -d 0483:df11 -s 0x801fc00 -D config.bin

will flash it into permanent storage of the stm32wifi. Now you can move the jumper back and restart the device.

Note that if you change the wifi credentials, the device will continue to attempt to use the old wifi. Only when that fails will it switch to the new credentials.


In the future the device will support USB so using dfu-util to flash the config will no longer be necessary.