Getting started with rpi serial and BitWizard expansion boards

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Each of the following needs to be expanded. Please add a line or two if you can.

  • get raspian
  • comment out the two lines in /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-blacklist.conf (no longer necessary?)
  • get bw_rpi_tools
git clone
  • compile bw_tool
cd bw_rpi_tools/bw_tool/
  • install bw_tool
sudo make install 
  • get rpi-update (no longer necessary?)
  • run rpi-update (no longer necessary?)
  • reboot (no longer necessary?)
  • for the spi version, run
sudo bw_tool -t "hello world" 
  • for the i2c version on a rev 1 rasbperry pi, run
sudo modprobe i2c-dev
sudo bw_tool -I -t "hello world"
  • for the i2c version on a rev 2 raspberry pi, you need to specify the other I2C bus:
sudo bw_tool -I -D /dev/i2c-1 -t "hello world"

(the sample assumes the LCD and displays a text on it.) Try "-a <youraddress> -i" instead of the '-t "hello world" ' to identify your expansion board. Fill in the address from default addresses.

For example " -a 94 -R 30:b" will read the status of the pushbuttons on the rpi_ui. "-a 94 -t hello" will print a text on the rpi_ui.