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! Board !! Address
! Board !! Address
| Dimmer || 0x10
| LCD || 0x82
| LCD || 0x82

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The BitWizard boards exist in both an SPI as well as an I2C version. Both versions have the same default address.

Especially if you have more than one board of the same type you can change the default address to something else that you like. See the relevant protocol page for info on how to do that.

Board Address
LCD 0x82
DIO 0x84
SERVO 0x86
7FETs 0x88
3FETs 0x8A
TEMP (sometimes called SPI_LM35) 0x8C
motor 0x90
pipower 0x92
RPi_UI 0x94
7segment 0x96
spi_spi 0x98
pushbutton 0x9A
bigrelay 0x9C
thermo 0xa0
... 0xA2
power 0xA4