Raspberry Juice

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The Raspberry Juice board


The Raspberry Juice serves as a power switch for the Raspberry Pi. This expansion board can turn the power on or off at a scheduled time.


The Juice always uses about 2mA/10mW. The board is rated for a maximum current of 1A.


The Raspberry Juice can be found using I2C or SPI at address 0xA4, and has the following read ports:

Port Returned value (in milliseconds)
0x20 Time until power off
0x21 Time until power on

Additionally, the following can be written to the Juice:

Port Effect
0x20 Set the time in milliseconds until power off
0x21 Set the time in milliseconds until power on

So, for instance, writing 10000 to port 0x21 and 1000 to 0x20 will cut the power in 1 second, and then turn on the power 9 seconds later.