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This is the documentation page for the SPI_relay board.


Assembly instructions

Possible Configurations

External resources


Additional software

Related projects


For the SPI connector see: SPI_connector_pinout.


Jumper settings


To make the relay PCB do things, you need to send things over the SPI bus to the PCB.

The general overview of the protocol is here.

The specific commands for the relay PCB are explained on the page about the spi_dio board, as the two boards share the same protocol: spi_dio_protocol .

For arduino, a sample PDE is available, called ardemo_lcd.pde, also at BitWizard software download directory .

This is a demo to send things using SPI to the lcd board. The SPI routines there are applicable for the dio and relay boards as well.

The software

Default operation

Future hardware enhancements

Future software enhancements



  • Initial public release