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Today for my Raspberry PI I received RPI_SERIAL 4Pin Cable I2C_LCD

The SPI_LCD module has two 4 pin connectors (in & out), I do not know the pin-out of these. The 4pin cable does not match the 6 pin header on the RPI_SERIAL Board's SPI0 connection. How do these boards interconnect? Does this LCD require 5v or 3.3v?

OK, I see my mistake: the LCD connector has a 4-pin connector for I2C, the SPI0 pins are not present, I'll need to install them and add the jumper for SPI.

-> No, Bob, You have an I2C-LCD board. Adding the SPI connector will not convert it to the SPI version. we currently flash the controller on the board for the version that you order. We're contemplating if we can make the software auto-detect I2C or SPI. The LCD itself requires 5V. -- REW