FT2232H breakout board

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FT2232H breakout board

This is the documentation page for the FT2232H breakout board.


The FT2232H breakout board has an USB connector, two 6 pin SPI connectors, two 4 pin I2C connectors and a general purpose connector. Besides that there are two jumpers for enabling the I2C ports, and a selector jumper that allows you to chose between 3.3V or 5V on the IO connectors.

For (high speed) SPI and I2C, the FT2232H "works", but is superceded by the newer FT4222H. You can buy the BitWizard FT4222H breakout here.

External resources


For the SPI connector pinout please see: SPI_connector_pinout

for the I2C connector pinout please see: I2C_connector_pinout

The general purpose connector J1 is:



  • pwr is connected tot the 3.3V of the board.

If the led doesn't light when you expect it to be, then there is something seriously wrong. (or you need to plug it in).

Jumper settings

J5: selection of IO voltage provided on the connectors:

  • 1-2 3.3V
  • 2-3 5V.

I2CB-EN and I2CA-EN:

To enable I2C (and disable SPI) add a jumper.

Future hardware enhancements

  • Consider pullups on the board for I2C operation.


  • 1.0: initial testing version
  • 1.1: public release.