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The new Model B+

On 14 June 2014, the Raspberry Pi foundation introduced a new model to the Raspbbery Pi family: The Model B+. While the hardware is mostly the same, the size and layout of the board has changed. This page will list all current BitWizard Raspberry Pi expansion boards and how they work with the new model.

Main changes

The Model B+ has the following differences from the original Model B:

  • New, slightly smaller, form factor
  • 4 mounting holes
  • The analog video out and analog audio out are now combined in one connector
  • The HDMI, USB power and analog out are now on the same side of the board
  • 4 USB ports instead of 2, archived by using a new chip for USB
  • 40 GPIO pins instead of 26, the Foundation claims it is still backwards compatible
  • Rounded edges

Raspberry Pi UI 16x2

The Raspberry Pi UI with RTC module on the new Model B+

The model with RTC unit has a problem: the battery enclosure touches the middle USB ports, preventing the board from fitting properly into the GPIO pins. The version without RTC fits better, however the Raspberry Pi's mounting holes are covered. The board functions as normal

Raspberry Pi UI 20x4

The 20x4 UI has the same problem with the battery compartment as its smaller brother. On the other side, the mounting holes of the RPi UI are not blocked.


The Raspduino fits on the new model. The mounting holes are again covered.