This is a dimmer board suitable for resistive loads of upto 4A (suitable for both 230V and 115V power systems). This includes amongst others lights and heaters. Using this dimmer for electric motors might result in erratic behaviour, and thus isn't supported.
The board is equipped with a 16A triac, but due to shipping constraints, the supplied heatsink (4.7°C/W) is only guaranteed to be good enough up to 4A (we tested it succesfully upto 6A, but YMMV). Optionally a 3°C/W heatsink can be supplied, which should be sufficient upto 8A. Please see the product photo's for a size comparison of the heat sinks.
The extra heatsink can be ordered here
Possible uses:
- Wake-up light
- Terrarium/Aquarium climate control

The PCB is equipped with two I2C connectors, so chaining multiple I2C modules is an option.
This allows you to control this board with only 2 data lines (SDA and SCL). This makes it possible to chain multiple modules without the need for more IO pins!
The board can be used with all microcontrollers, such as the Atmel AVR, Arduino/Freeduino boards, Microchip PIC, etcetera. Other computers/boards with an I2C interface (such as the Raspberry Pi) should also be able to control this module.

The module comes with all connectors pre-soldered

Documentation for the complete board

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